Michael Madsen ShirtlessMichael Madsen Nude in Species

Michael Madsen Nude in Species

Michael Madsen got nude in Species and showed his butt.  He’s starred in so many movies since then, including the ‘Kill Bill’ series.  Madsen is an actor that has put in work, with a career dating back to 1982.  We’re going to hunt for some more nude Michael Madsen pics now and will report back.  Check out more new naked male celebs

brody jenner nudeBrody Jenner Nude

Brody Jenner getting nude on Keeping Up With The Kardashians is about the only thing that makes the show worth watching.  He’s a total stud and seems to love the spotlight as much as everyone else in the family.  Why wasn’t there a Brody Jenner sex tape instead!?

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