Baltimore Ravens Shirtless

The 49ers aren’t the only guys that can show off their buffed and ripped bodies. The Ravens are giving them some stiff competition both on and off the field.

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Glee Guys In the Shower – Hot in Herre

We love us some Glee boys with their young (but of age), ripped bodies and their penchant for jumping in the locker room shower together. This video clip shows the Naked Boys of Glee signing Nelly’s Hot in Herre mashed with J. Giles Band’s Centerfold. Enjoy, we sure did… over and over.

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Glee Shirtless

Shirtless SF 49ers!

Are you ready for some football??? We sure are, especially getting a look at some of these shirtless San Francisco 49ers. Here are some great shirtless shots of 49ers Colin Kaepernick, Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis showing off their ripped bods.

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Oliver Jackson-Cohen Naked

Oliver Jackson-Cohen Naked

Oliver Jackson-Cohen Naked

Oliver Jackson-Cohen might is one of the most underrated male celebrities around today.  This year he’ll be starring alongside Jeremy Piven in the TV series ‘Mr Selfridge’.  We are truly excited about it and are already huge fans of JP.

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Naked NFL!

We have to admit that the actual game of football is not exactly why we watch the Super Bowl. It’s not the commercials either. Coming up we have a few pictures and videos of why we love the NFL!


Dallas Cowboys’ Eric Frampton

Devin Hester, Chicago Bears

Jaquizz Rodgers of the Atlanta Falcons

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NFL Player Exposed

NFL Player Exposed

NFL Player Exposed

If there were more naked athletes like this, we’d be watching football every week.  DeMarco Murray just played his rookie season for the Dallas Cowboys .  In a recent game, DeMarco went down and so did his pants and he showed the world his nude butt.

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Joe Cole Nude in Offender

Joe Cole Nude in Offender

Joe Cole Nude in Offender

Joe Cole is a hot young male celeb who starred in the movie ‘Offender’ last year.  Not only was he great in the movie, but he also did a nude scene and showed his sweet ass.   You may recognize him from the MTV series ‘Skins’ which features some other celebrity twinks.

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Bronson Pelletier Pissing In Public

Twilight star Bronson Pelletier must have been drunk as fuck when he started pissing at a public airport recently.  He apparently denied it was him until the footage made its way to the Internet.  The 26-year-old actor is one of the sexiest male celebs on the show, so seeing his cock like this is incredible!

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