Bare Chested Darren Criss

Darren Criss shirtless in Imogene

Here’s Darren Criss shirtless in the film ‘Imogene’.  We’ve been waiting to see that furry chest forever, so thank you Darren.  He must be a really busy guy to keep up with all his music appearances, TV acting, and Broadway roles.  This guy is a mega star and total stud.  One day we are going to see his famous body naked.  Look at all the new naked male celebrities at MrMan.

Foreign Actors Showing Penis

Dritan Biba NudeDritan Biba going nude

Florian David Fitz NakedFlorian David Fitz Naked

Daniel Freire Full FrontalDaniel Freire Full Frontal

Nude Francis Renaud Nude Francis Renaud

Here are some foreign actors doing full frontal nudity on film.  It’s a lot more common to see your favorite male celeb go totally naked in other countries, but the US is catching up.  This lineup includes Dritan Biba, Florian David Fitz, Daniel Freire, and Francis Renaud all totally exposed.  I don’t know about you guys, but seeing these screen caps makes me want to see these movies.

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Naked and Gay Scenes on Hunting Season

Tayte Hanson Marc Sinoway

Tayte Hanson pissing

Hunter Hoffman and Marc Sinoway

Hunter Hoffman and Marc Sinoway

These are some really hot gay scenes from the web series ‘Hunting Season’.  Up top, it’s Tayte Hanson and Marc Sinoway about to make out.  Then, Tayte pissing right below.  The last pictures are of Hunter Hoffman and Marc Sinoway naked and kissing.  This show really puts out some good male nudity.

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