Woody Harrelson Nude In The Messenger

Woody Harrelson Nude The Messenger

Woody Harrelson Nude

Woody Harrelson gets shirtless and even nude in his new movie, ‘The Messenger’ and we are quite impressed.  He’s still got a nice beefy ass and has kept the rest of his body toned too.  A fun little fact about Woody is that he is a vegetarian and also practices Buddhism.  We’ll be on the lookout for any cock shots or full frontals.

New True Blood Stud Joe Manganiello


True Blood will adding a new stud to their cast in the third season and Joe Manganiello is absolutely perfect for the role.  You might recognize Joe from ‘One Tree Hill’ or ‘CSI’ as he’s done several TV shows over the years.  This beefcake is sure to become a popular male celebrity next June when ‘True Blood’ season 3 starts.

Adam Scott Naked


We know it’s a small picture, but nonetheless it’s a picture of Adam Scott’s sweet naked ass.  The cap comes from the movie ‘The Vicious Kind’ which is set to be released in theaters December 11th.  Scott co-stars alongside Brittany Snow in this new comedy and it looks like a winner.  We remember how hilarious he was in the movie ‘Step Brothers’ where he played the asshole brother.

Alexander Skarsgard Naked

alexander-skarsgard-shirtlessAlexander Skarsgard Shirtless


Check out Alexander Skarsgard in this nude shower scene.  He is the hunk in the middle with the sexy abs and soapy hair.  Now that he’s become such a big celebrity in True Blood, we’re hoping to get a glance at his famous cock.

You won’t believe all the Nude Actors seen here

Akon Shirtless On Stage

Akon shirtless

If you listen to pop music then you definitely know Akon.  The shirtless stud above has 30 songs on the Billboard Top 100 right now. His song “Smack That” won a Grammy nomination and was blasting throught the speakers of every club in the world.  If his pants weren’t so baggy, I’ll bet we’d see a huge bulge.