Gary Lucy Nude

Gary Lucy is the stud that played ‘Luke Morgan’ in the soap ‘Hollyoaks’.  He won a few awards for his work on the show, but hasn’t been in anything good since.  He was on the British show ‘Dancing On Ice’ earlier this year and actually made it all the way to the finals.

Louis CK Naked

Louis CK got naked on his show ‘Louie’ a couple times and we were able to get one of the screen caps.  He writes, produces, and acts on the show, so you know that he was dying to show the world his cock =).  Before ‘Louie’ Louis CK used to write for the ‘David Letterman Show’,’Conan O’brien’ and a couple others.

New All Black Male Celeb Site!

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Hunter Parrish Naked

Hunter Parrish Shirtless

It’s that time again, when Showtime is a must-have on your cable network.  If only to watch ‘Weeds’, you will not be disappointed.  The show is unlike any other series before and explores drugs, sex, and a wicked sense of humor.  There’s also plenty of naked scenes, including a few from Hunter Parrish.

Wesley Snipes Frontal

We don’t know how many times we’ve seen the 80′s movie ‘Wildcats’, but we never remember seeing this Wesley Snipes cock shot.  The other hunk looks familiar too, but we can’t put a name on him.  With all of today’s new technology, we’re able to capture some really amazing male celebrity pics.

Rockmond Dunbar Naked

Rockmond Dunbar Shirtless

Rockmond Dunbar was once named one of the sexiest men of TV.  His major roles were on the shows ‘Soul Food’ and ‘Prison Break’, but he’s had several other appearances on different networks.  From the looks of the naked picture above, it looks like Rockmond Dunbar did some modeling as well.

Jeff Bridges Exposed

Jeff Bridges Shirtless

Major Bulge

Jeff Bridges has starred in quite a few of our favorite movies, including his recent role in ‘Crazy Heart’.  He won an Academy Award for his stellar acting.  These pics came from an old movie ‘Winter Kills’, but the caps were taken in High-Def.  We’ll have to check our archives, but we don’t remember Jeff Bridges getting nude in any other movies.

Bollywood Men

We’ve received several requests for Bollywood men, both shirtless and nude, so we are going to start doing some posts based on this theme.  The top picture is John Abraham (One of the more well known Bollywood men) and then below is the male model – Rishi Idnani, who is almost nude….Looks like he wants to be.

Ryan Kwanten Naked Ass In True Blood

In a recent episode of True Blood, Ryan Kwanted showed his naked ass.  We were pleasantly surprised with muscular legs and tight ass.  We really like the direction True Blood is taking with all the recent nude scenes.   The writers realize what we want and for that, the show should be extremely successful for a long time to come.

Matthew Morrison Shirtless Again

Matthew Morrison decided that he wanted to become an actor after attending a theater camp when he was young.  It didn’t take long for him to make his way to Broadway, making his debut in ‘Footloose’.  He went on to do ‘Hairspray’ and then got his major break on the television show ‘Glee’.  The show has earned several awards and nominations and will be around for a while.  It looks like Matthew Morrison is getting really ripped again, like he used to be in his theater days.