Brett Favre Flashes his Cock!

Just in time for his 41st birthday, Minnesota Viking’s quarterback Brett Favre finds himself in the middle of a salacious scandal! According to the site DeadSpin, Favre has trying to seduce a New York Jets sideline personality, Jenn Sterger with MySpace postings, phone calls, and finally, pictures of his cock. The authenticity of the aforementioned penis hasn’t been confirmed, but so far there haven’t been any denials from Favre himself…. we’re hoping there’s more to come!!

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Eion Bailey And Christopher Gorham Shirtless

Eion Bailey

Christopher Gorham

The USA series ‘Covert Affairs’ will be back next year for a second season.  That means we’ll be able to catch up this winter and see all the great shirtless scenes.  Sometimes shows like this slip through the cracks, but will all the bare chested episodes, we’re not going to miss it.

Gary Lucy Nude

Gary Lucy is the stud that played ‘Luke Morgan’ in the soap ‘Hollyoaks’.  He won a few awards for his work on the show, but hasn’t been in anything good since.  He was on the British show ‘Dancing On Ice’ earlier this year and actually made it all the way to the finals.

Louis CK Naked

Louis CK got naked on his show ‘Louie’ a couple times and we were able to get one of the screen caps.  He writes, produces, and acts on the show, so you know that he was dying to show the world his cock =).  Before ‘Louie’ Louis CK used to write for the ‘David Letterman Show’,’Conan O’brien’ and a couple others.