Calum Best Sex Tape


Calum Best is one of those enigmas like Paris Hilton. He’s never really done anything to be famous, except for some fashion modeling…until the sex tape. It seems when female celebs want a little extra publicity they can let a nip slip or show some fuzz on an upskirt, but men…well…they need something bigger. Calum’s “leaked” sex tape with a chick that looked remarkably like ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan took Calum to fake stardom. Since then he’s been a British Tabloid favorite, been the star of various UK reality shows and even released a cologne called Calum.

Male Model Travis Wolfe in Sex Tape


Male model Travis Wolfe is pretty hot even with his clothes partially on, but what he married former Survivor contestant Jenna Lewis and whipped out a camera on their honeymoon, he went down in the male sex tape hall of fame. Wolfe and Lewis go at it for 42 minutes on the tape, much of it focused around Wolfe’s huge cock. Here’s a preview: