Justin Timberlake in Underwear


LOL!!  Justin Timberlake looks so goofy in the movie, “The Love Guru”, but as you can see he’s packing a big schlong behind those undies.  Completely equipped with 70’s hair and a porno mustache he definitey looks the part.  I’d tell you what I thought of the flick, but I’m kind of a movie snob and I have a hard time even trying to watch movies like this.  Although, I can reccomend another Justin Timberlake movie….A serious one.  It’s called, “Alpha Dog” and it’s a good movie.  Lots of shirtless celebs throughout the movie and it has a great story line.

See Justin Timberlake Nude Here

Mike Hendert Full Frontal Nude

Mike Hendert Full Frontal Nude

Mike Hindert Full Frontal Nude on stage at one of his concerts. He is the bass player for the popular band, “The Bravery” and really loves his job. Allegedly, Hindert gets nude quite often while out on tour and just goofing around with the other guys. These boys are going to be big celebrities real soon and hopefully getting naked more often.

Gavin Rossdale From Bush Shirtless

Gavin Rossdale from the music group, “Bush” shirtless and playing in the waves. He sang some really incredible songs and has a very unique voice. It would be cool to see Bush get back together for a reunion tour or album. We’re sure that Gavin Rossdale looks just as good now as he did in the nineties.

See him shirtless here: http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/3187484/gavin-rossdale-displays-washboard-abs-at-the-beach-02/