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Jeff Bridges Exposed

Jeff Bridges Shirtless

Major Bulge

Jeff Bridges has starred in quite a few of our favorite movies, including his recent role in ‘Crazy Heart’.  He won an Academy Award for his stellar acting.  These pics came from an old movie ‘Winter Kills’, but the caps were taken in High-Def.  We’ll have to check our archives, but we don’t remember Jeff Bridges getting nude in any other movies.

Jason Wiles Shirtless And Bulge

Last week the pilot episode of ‘Persons Unknown’ aired and we got to see Jason Wiles exposed.  He stripped down and gave us a lot more than we bargained for…Look at that bulge!  We suggest tuning in this Monday for the first episode, should be a great show and maybe we’ll see some more male celebrity skin.

Michael Phelps is Packing


You wanted more Michael Phelps well you got it! This recent picture shows what an amazing body he really has…..oh and a clear outline of his penis. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t know how comfortable it is to be in a suit like that in front of millions of people. I guess when you have as many gold medals as he does, dick size is not an issue.

See Michael Phelps Even More Exposed