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Brendan Fraser Shirtless

Brendan Fraser ShirtlessBrendan Fraser Shirtless

Brendan Fraser looks super ripped in these pictures, which are from the movies Tarzan and Gods and Monsters. The long hair thing really works for him as we first saw in “Encino Man”. Not to mention him being shirtless and showing off his amazing body. Brendan Fraser continues to star in movies and television. If you are looking for some real nudity, check out our Adult Cams site.

Matt Damon Shirtless on The Rainmaker


Matt Damon Shirtless on The Rainmaker

Matt Damon Shirtless on The Rainmaker

Check out young Matt Damon Shirtless on The Rainmaker.  The movie premiered in 1997 and was Matt Damon’s first major movie role. His body was in tremendous shape, so they had him showing off those abs like nobody’s business.  Now, Matt Damon is a leading man in Hollywood and the man behind the ‘Bourne’ series.  He has remained in excellent shape over the years and has shown us a lot of skin.

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Toby Stephens Shirtless

Toby Stephens

Toby Stephens Shirtless


It’s Toby Stephens Shirtless in the TV series ‘Black Sails’.  He’s got such an amazing hairy chest, we could stare for days.  The show seems to be picking up steam which is great for us fans.  You can see fully nude male celebrities everywhere on this site for free, but purchase them if you want to rewind over and over again.

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Mark Feuerstein Bulge

mark feuerstein bulge

Here’s Mark Feuerstein in underwear and giving us a look at his bulge.  He’s obviously packing by the looks of those undies.  He’s also got an incredible hairy chest, something we appreciate here. Let’s all hope that Mark Feuerstein gets the message and shows us more bulge in the future.

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