Daniel Craig Shirtless



Daniel Craig goes for a shirtless swim in the ocean, showing off his toned and athletic body. He has always maintained great physical shape, but really stepped up his workouts for the James Bond Movie. It’s no wonder why Daniel Craig was the leading role in the highest grossing James Bond Film of all time.

Hugh Jackman Nude

hugh jackman nude

Australian born, Hugh Jackman is one of the sexiest male celebs in the world. Tall, dark, and handsome describes him perfectly!! Hugh was recently seen at one of his favorite vacation spots, enjoying the water and soaking up the sun. Apparently, he was tired of his tan lines and wanted more color on his naked ass and huge dick…..

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Vin Diesel Shirtless In The Sun

vin diesel


Vin Diesel is an awesome actor and one of our favorite male celeb. He keeps himself in the most amazing shape at all times and keeps looking better and better. Apparently Vin is starring in an upcoming movie called, “Hannibal the Conquerer” in 2009. And with a title like that, you can be sure that Vin Diesel will be running around with his shirt off.

Antonio Sabato Jr. Shirtless Model

antonio sabato jr

We thought we’d share an old picture of Antonio Sabato Jr. back from his modeling days. As you can see, the Italian model/actor has kept in the same shape since his younger days and still possesses this amazing body. There’s too many things better than Antonio Sabato Jr. shirtless pictures, as he has one of the best male celebs bodies out there.

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Chad White’s Sexy Body

Chad White is one of the hottest American models of our time! He has been strutting his stuff around on the catwalk for years. Chad was a baseball player in college and then drafted to the Major Leagues. He had an early injury which ended his baseball career. Lucky for us, now we get to see him run around in his underwear.

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Marcus Schenkenberg Shirtless

Marcus Schenkenberg Shirtless

Take a look at Marcus Schenkenberg Shirtless in this sexy modeling photo. This Swedish hunk has been a popular male model for over 25 years. He was once a Calvin Klein model in the nineties and had advertisements everywhere. Marcus also modeled for Versace, Giorgio Armani, and Donna Karan.

Aside from being a successful male supermodel, Marcus Schenkenberg was also an accomplished actor. From popular soap operas to reality TV, he’s done a bit of everything.

Johnny Depp Shirtless

Johnny Depp ShirtlessJohnny Depp Shirtless

Johnny Depp shirtless in this scene from ‘The Ninth Gate’, a Roman Polanski film. The film is loosely based on the novel The Club Dumas. Johnny has been one of the biggest names in Hollywood for decades now and is considered one of the best film stars in the world. If he is starring in a movie, you know it’s going to be epic. Unfortunately, he hasn’t done many shirtless or nude scenes.  We have had our fingers crossed for years, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Some of our favorite Johnny Depp movies include: ‘Edward Scissorhands’, ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ , and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. These movies will all give you a good sense of how great his talent really is. Johnny Depp is one of those celebs that will always be an idol and heart throb to fans. His distinct style and personality makes him stand out among his fellow actor friends. You can see more naked male celebs at MrMan – Click Here.

David Charvet Shirtless

David Charvet Shirtless

David Charvet Shirtless

David Charvet shirtless in the movie ‘The Perfect Teacher’ and looking incredible. He was a total heart throb in the nineties and starred on TV shows like ‘Baywatch’ and ‘Melrose Place’. David was so hot that everyone was talking about his sexy body. He played roles in a couple of different films after that. He was even on some Reality TV shows in both the US and France.

Young Ben Affleck

Young Ben Affleck

Young Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck looked so hot back in his younger days, though even today he is still one of our favorites here at MaleCelebsBlog. He’s probably put on a good 30 lbs since this picture, but we guess that’s what happens when you get older. We just hope he’s going to come out with some Good Will Hunting type of material soon….He needs a little something something to give his career a boost.

Affleck got his start in showbiz at a young age and has been consistently starring in movies ever since. He is a very talented actor and has a unique style and appearance. A couple of our favorites are ‘Mallrats’ and ‘Good Will Hunting’. If you haven’t seen these movies, you definitely need to. These are classic films from the nineties that everyone should see. Ben plays a leading role in both movies and you can really see his acting abilities. He was a young stud with a Massachusetts accent and a great body.

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