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Noah Mills Shirtless

We recognize Noah Mills from a couple different fashion modeling campaigns.  We had no idea that his body looked like that shirtless.  His acting career is just getting started, so maybe we’ll get to see a little bit more of him in the future.

Aaron Milo Shirtless

Aaron Milo is a male model and actor who starred in a couple of the ‘Eating Out’ movies.  We’re surprised that we haven’t seen more of him, especially with a rock solid body like that.  Last year was his first breakthrough role so maybe he’s just getting started.  We would love to see what’s under those shorts.

Brad Kroenig Fully Nude

We have an obsession with male models just like we do with male celebs.  Brad Kroenig is our latest man crush, especially after seeing these fully nude pics of him.  The thirty-one year old has done fashion modeling for some of the biggest named companies in the world and always looks incredible.

Chris Leabu Shirtless

If you follow this blog then you know that we have a passion for hairy male celebs.  It was a treat to find out about this male model/actor Chris Leabu.  He’s got a great furry chest and even shows the pubes.  Someone needs to get this stud to pose nude.