Daniel Radcliffe

daniel radcliffe nude

Who knew Daniel Radcliffe had such a furry little happy trail?  From the looks of this picture, the boy might need to invest in some trimmers.  We at Male Celebs Blog are interested to see where his career will go.  Now that he’s old enough, he seems to be showing more and more nudity and that’s all we ask.


Daniel Radcliffe is currently starring in the play, “Equus” as Alan Strang and shows a massive amount of skin. The young actor appears shirtless in several scenes and even gets completely nude in one scene. We see a bright future for this young Hollywood stud. He’s already working on, “Harry Potter” – part 12…..lol, and in 2009 he plays Dan Eldon in “Journey” – A biopic based on the life of photojournalist.

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