Brett Favre Flashes his Cock!

Just in time for his 41st birthday, Minnesota Viking’s quarterback Brett Favre finds himself in the middle of a salacious scandal! According to the site DeadSpin, Favre has trying to seduce a New York Jets sideline personality, Jenn Sterger with MySpace postings, phone calls, and finally, pictures of his cock. The authenticity of the aforementioned penis hasn’t been confirmed, but so far there haven’t been any denials from Favre himself…. we’re hoping there’s more to come!!

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Eric Dane Naked Tape!


Grey’s Anatomy’s Eric Dane is NAKED  on a private home video, and it looks like This Site has the video! Every other site I’ve looked at has been afraid to post the video because of threats from Eric Dane’s lawyer, but this site has the balls to show it. Get the Eric Dane naked video while it is still live, and see Dr. McSteamy fully naked!

Calum Best Sex Tape


Calum Best is one of those enigmas like Paris Hilton. He’s never really done anything to be famous, except for some fashion modeling…until the sex tape. It seems when female celebs want a little extra publicity they can let a nip slip or show some fuzz on an upskirt, but men…well…they need something bigger. Calum’s “leaked” sex tape with a chick that looked remarkably like ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan took Calum to fake stardom. Since then he’s been a British Tabloid favorite, been the star of various UK reality shows and even released a cologne called Calum.

Simon Rex Sex Tape


You might know Simon Rex from his stint as an MTV VJ, his guest-star appearances on various B TV shows or even from his attempt to be a You Tube / MySpace rapper known as Dirt Nasty. But we’ve got a better side of Simon Rex: the porn years! Before Simon decided to try and break into mainstream celeb status, he made a couple of porn movies. Judging from the size of his cock, we can see why.

Male Model Travis Wolfe in Sex Tape


Male model Travis Wolfe is pretty hot even with his clothes partially on, but what he married former Survivor contestant Jenna Lewis and whipped out a camera on their honeymoon, he went down in the male sex tape hall of fame. Wolfe and Lewis go at it for 42 minutes on the tape, much of it focused around Wolfe’s huge cock. Here’s a preview:


Calum Best – Bad Boy, Sex Tape Star

Calum Best with Coke and Hookers
Calum Best with Coke and Hookers

The vanilla celeb sites say Calum Best is best known as the son of football legend George Best, we we all know him as the co-star of the Lindsay Lohan / Calum Best sext tape.

Besides reality show “Totally Calum Best: The Best Is Yet to Come” he’s also know for sex scandals with hookers and cocaine. Calum has a daughter, Amelia Lucie Hogan, who was born on 19 December 2006 in London, from a one night stand with model Lorna Hogan. He has reportedly dated models Kate Moss, Agyeness Deyn and Gemma Atkinson along with Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, Nicole Ritchie, Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson.

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