Craig Parker showed his cock in quite a few episodes of Spartacus.  He’s an openly gay male celebrity and doesn’t seem to give a shit what anyone thinks about that (Good for him!).  Spartacus is starting to get major attention and their fan base is growing tremendously.  Craig Parker has played a major role in all of this.

If you don’t recognize Dennis Haysbert, you would recognize his voice from television.  He’s the star of the All State Insurance commercials as well as the action-drama series on CBS, ‘The Unit’.  Finding pictures of Dennis Haysbert sexy and shirtless was no easy task….it would be truly amazing to see this black male celeb nude.

We can’t believe that Danny Huston is still doing nude scenes in movies and television.  The fifty year-old actor looks better than ever and still has no problems showing his cock on film.  The cap comes from the new TV show ‘Magic City’ on the Starz Network.  In case you’re interested, they show quite a few naked male celebrities on the show.