Comedian Kevin Hart Naked Video

(Video Removed from Youtube)

Comedian Kevin Hart Naked Video

We knew Kevin Hart had a good looking ass, but sweet Lord that’s fire! The young, black comedian made this funny video and probably didn’t intend for it to ever get out. We’re sure glad it did and will be watching the video throughout the day ourselves.

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Mike Vogel Naked Pics Collection

Collection of Mike Vogel Naked PicsCollection of Mike Vogel Naked PicsCollection of Mike Vogel Naked PicsCollection of Mike Vogel Naked PicsMike Vogel Naked Pics Collection

After watching ‘Under the Dome’, we’ve developed the hots for Mike Vogel.  We did some digging and found the best Mike Vogel naked pics.  He shows his bare butt (bottom pic) in the movie ‘Grind’.  He also did a sex scene in the film ‘Blue Valentine’.

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Strip Search of Theo Rossi on SOA

Theo Rossi ShirtlessTheo Rossi Nude

This season of Sons of Anarchy has been so intense and shown so many naked male celebrities.  Most recently, it was Theo Rossi getting naked and then strip searched by a prison guard.  Later on in the episode he gets taken against his will by Marilyn Manson.  Crazy stuff and the show is almost over.

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New Charlie Hunnam Naked Scene

Charlie Hunnam Shirtless

New Charlie Hunnam Naked Scene

Charlie Hunnam Naked

Charlie Hunnam did a new naked scene on ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Tuesday.  The show is one of the best on TV and shows a lot of male nudity.  Whether you are into motorcycles or biker gangs, it really doesn’t matter. This show is super entertaining and will leave you on the edge of your seat. It’s a win/win for us fans, but there’s only a handful of episodes left.

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Actor Sean Biggerstaff Full Frontal Nude

sean biggerstaffsean biggerstaff nakedActor Sean Biggerstaff Full Frontal Nude

Actor Sean Biggerstaff got his major break playing Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter movies.  He’s all grown up now and is doing full frontal nude scenes.  You can see his famous penis in the screen grab above and it comes from the film ‘Mary Queen of Scots’.

Nude Idris Elba

Nude Idris ElbaNude Idris Elba

These are some nude Idris Elba scenes that we put together for you in this fancy collage.  He’s become one of our favorite new male celebrity crushes.  If you didn’t see him in the HBO series ‘The Wire’, you may recognize him from ‘American Gangster’.

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