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Naked and Gay Scenes on Hunting Season

Tayte Hanson Marc Sinoway

Tayte Hanson pissing

Hunter Hoffman and Marc Sinoway

Hunter Hoffman and Marc Sinoway

These are some really hot gay scenes from the web series ‘Hunting Season’.  Up top, it’s Tayte Hanson and Marc Sinoway about to make out.  Then, Tayte pissing right below.  The last pictures are of Hunter Hoffman and Marc Sinoway naked and kissing.  This show really puts out some good male nudity.

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Confirmed: Wentworth Miller Gay!

Okay, who hasn’t had the occasional Wentworth Miller gay fantasy? Locked up in prison with the more-than-hot British actor, just you and him, behind bars with hours and hours to kill… well that fantasy got one step closer to reality today, at least as far as Miller’s sexual orientation goes. Invited to Russia’s St. Petersberg Internation Film Festival, Wentworth posted an RSVP on the GLAAD website that said, in part “as a gay man, I must decline. I am deeply troubled by the current attitude toward and treatment of gay men and women by the Russian government.”

To celebrate, here are a couple of classic shirtless pics of Wentworth, along with a relatively good fake naked pic for kicks.

wentworth_miller_gay3 wentworth_miller_28_gay wentworth_miller_gay



More Gay Male Celebs!

Darryl Stephens


Openly gay actor Darryl Stephens is best known for his role as Noah on the series Noah’s Arc. He got to show off a lot of skin on that show. He hasn’t been doing much since then, but with a body and a smile like that, he’s bound to find work soon. In the mean time, there are enough pictures of him shirtless and even naked to keep us going.

John Barrowman Shirtless in Torchwood


Torchwood: Children of the Earth mini-series kicked off this month with openly-gay actor John Barrowman. Torchwood is a spin off of sci-fi show Doctor Who, which Barrowman also starred. John Barrowman has got quite the Internet following with his smoky good looks and openly gay status. The ample amount of shirtless pictures showing off his smooth, muscular chest doesn’t hurt either!

Robert Pattinson and Javier Beltran Nude in Little Ashes

Wow, Robert Pattinson’s latest movie, Little Ashes, is out and we were shocked to see some full frontal nudity from the Twilight star but a some gay sex secenes with openly gay Spanish actor Javier Beltarn as well! This definitely made the must-see list this weekend. I’m a Slavador Dali fan anyway, and am interested to see the love affair between Dali (Pattinson) and Federico Garcia Lorca (Beltran.)

Check out Robert Pattinson’s other nude pics here, and Javier Beltran’s nude pics here.