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Openly gay actor Darryl Stephens is best known for his role as Noah on the series Noah’s Arc. He got to show off a lot of skin on that show. He hasn’t been doing much since then, but with a body and a smile like that, he’s bound to find work soon. In the mean time, there are enough pictures of him shirtless and even naked to keep us going.

james-sorensen-satisfaction2James Sorensen in “Satisfaction”


You may have heard of James Sorensen, the Australian soap hunk hottie.  He’s currently a star on the show  “Neighbours” and does guest appearances on other tv shows.  He’s appeared shirtless and naked a few times and we are going to post every last one of them.  Check out his naked ass and smooth chest in the pics above.

Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillipe Shirtless

Ryan Phillipe Shirtless

Ryan Phillipe got his actingstart on One Life To Live playing an openly-gay teenager.  He rose to fame with Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Recently he played Eric O’Neill in Breach and is rumored to be starring in the upcoming Stanford Prison Experiment.

See the naked pictures of Ryan Phillipe here.

Eddie Cibrian

Collage of Eddie Cibrian in Underwear

Collage of Eddie Cibrian in Underwear

Eddie Cibrian nude

Eddie Cibrian nude

Most know him from his 6 years as the moody Jimmy Doherty on Third Watch, Cole on Sunset Beach or Matt on Young & the Restless, but really, all that matters is that Eddie Cibrian is grade-A prime beef. E Online named his one of the best celebrity bodies and TV Guide said he was one


I found this collage of Brian Bloom shirtless pics that were taken from the movie “Bandit’s Silver Angel”.  I’ve never heard of the movie before seeing this.  Brian Bloom got his break landing a gig on the soap opera “As The World Turns” and stayed with it for about 5 years.  Since then he’s done a plethora of television shows and movies.

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