Dennis Haysbert Sexy And Shirtless

If you don’t recognize Dennis Haysbert, you would recognize his voice from television.  He’s the star of the All State Insurance commercials as well as the action-drama series on CBS, ‘The Unit’.  Finding pictures of Dennis Haysbert sexy and shirtless was no easy task….it would be truly amazing to see this black male celeb nude.

Joey Lawrence Shirtless Whoa!

Apparently we didn’t get the memo that Joey Lawrence is all hot and sexy now.  Look at him all oiled up and ripped, we’d love to be his workout partner.  Joey is still acting and playing several different roles, including his spot on an ABC Family series.  It looks like he’s been holding on to his male celebrity status very well.

This is the 800th post on MaleCelebsBlog – woohoo!!  We are looking forward to another eight hundred.

Tyler Hoechlin Shirtless

He’s one of the sexiest young male celebrities appearing on television these days.  Tyler Hoechlin stars on the MTV show ‘Teen Wolf’ and has plenty of other upcoming roles.  We’re going to bet that you’ll be seeing a lot more of Tyler Hoechlin in the next few years….maybe even a nude scene if you’re lucky.