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NFL Player Exposed

NFL Player Exposed

NFL Player Exposed

If there were more naked athletes like this, we’d be watching football every week.  DeMarco Murray just played his rookie season for the Dallas Cowboys .  In a recent game, DeMarco went down and so did his pants and he showed the world his nude butt.

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Dennis Haysbert Sexy And Shirtless

If you don’t recognize Dennis Haysbert, you would recognize his voice from television.  He’s the star of the All State Insurance commercials as well as the action-drama series on CBS, ‘The Unit’.  Finding pictures of Dennis Haysbert sexy and shirtless was no easy task….it would be truly amazing to see this black male celeb nude.

Blake Griffin Nude

Blake Griffin was the number one pick in the NBA Draft in 2009. Unfortunately, he was out his first year with an injury.  Since then, he’s become one of the best young players in the league.  Did we mention that he is incredibly sexy as well?  Just look at the nude picture of Blake Griffin above and agree with us.