TI Nude Shower Pic


T.I. exploded into the hip hop music scene in 2001 and has been topping the charts ever since.  The studly black celebrity grew up selling drugs and now he’s selling millions of albums.  T.I. has contributed on so many different artists albums, you have most definitely heard his voice.  And now you can say you’ve seen his naked ass as well.

Kanye West Shirtless and Shamed


Kanye West made a fool of himself last night at the Video Music Awards by busting on stage for Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, but he’s got the wrath of celebs and fans alike coming at him. In honor of his shame, we dug up this magazine cover of Kanye West Shirtless. Maybe it is airbrushed but Kanye looks a lot more buff here than he did a few months ago on the basketball court.

Darryl Stephens


Openly gay actor Darryl Stephens is best known for his role as Noah on the series Noah’s Arc. He got to show off a lot of skin on that show. He hasn’t been doing much since then, but with a body and a smile like that, he’s bound to find work soon. In the mean time, there are enough pictures of him shirtless and even naked to keep us going.

Marcus Patrick Full Frontal Nude

Marcus Patrick has had a bumpy career. He was on All My Children for a while, then left due to “creative differences.” He later joined Days of Our Lives, but was fired 5 months latere. The speculation is that Marcus was fired because of the full-frontal nude pictures he shot for Playgirl.

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