Bare Chested Darren Criss

Darren Criss shirtless in Imogene

Here’s Darren Criss shirtless in the film ‘Imogene’.  We’ve been waiting to see that furry chest forever, so thank you Darren.  He must be a really busy guy to keep up with all his music appearances, TV acting, and Broadway roles.  This guy is a mega star and total stud.  One day we are going to see his famous body naked.  Look at all the new naked male celebrities

Glee Guys In the Shower – Hot in Herre

We love us some Glee boys with their young (but of age), ripped bodies and their penchant for jumping in the locker room shower together. This video clip shows the Naked Boys of Glee signing Nelly’s Hot in Herre mashed with J. Giles Band’s Centerfold. Enjoy, we sure did… over and over.

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