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Glee Guys In the Shower – Hot in Herre

We love us some Glee boys with their young (but of age), ripped bodies and their penchant for jumping in the locker room shower together. This video clip shows the Naked Boys of Glee signing Nelly’s Hot in Herre mashed with J. Giles Band’s Centerfold. Enjoy, we sure did… over and over.

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Glee Shirtless

Chord Overstreet In Underwear

Chord Overstreet In Underwear

Chord Overstreet In Underwear

Chord Overstreet shirtless and in underwear??  Looks like Glee is doing everything right!  With some of the best story lines and finest looking male celebrities, this show will remain a hit.  Can’t wait to tune in next week and see if there’s any progression in nakedness on the show. Chord Overstreet is a young actor with a beautiful body and a lot of talent. We expect to see a lot more of him on TV and in movies.

Matthew Morrison Shirtless Again

Matthew Morrison decided that he wanted to become an actor after attending a theater camp when he was young.  It didn’t take long for him to make his way to Broadway, making his debut in ‘Footloose’.  He went on to do ‘Hairspray’ and then got his major break on the television show ‘Glee’.  The show has earned several awards and nominations and will be around for a while.  It looks like Matthew Morrison is getting really ripped again, like he used to be in his theater days.