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We think Romeo Miller, AKA Lil’ Romeo is one of the hottest black male celebs alive.  Take a fine look at that six-pack people!  After missing the 2nd season of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ due to an injury, Romeo is a contestant on this years season.  He also has a new album being released called ‘Intelligent Hoodlum’.

Cuba Gooding Jr Shirtless

When we came across these shirtless and nude pics of Cuba Gooding Jr., we were like ‘Whoa, what new movie are these from?’.  Turns out they are from a 2006 movie called ‘Shadowboxer’ that we totally missed.  The quality of screencaps is getting so good these days that it’s sometimes hard to tell when the movie was filmed.  Hope you enjoy the Cuba Gooding Jr. naked ass picture.

If you follow this blog, then you already know how much we love our black male celebrities.  Trey Songz is definitely high up on our list and looks incredible nude.  The Grammy Award nominee just released a new album ‘Passion, Pain & Pleasure’.

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