Chris Pontius Nude


There’s not a lot of people in the world that are crazier than Chris Pontius.  The “Jackass” and “Wildboyz” star grew up skateboarding in southern California and eventually met up with the rest of the crew.  Pontius has a thing for nudity and appears naked in almost every show/movie he’s been in.  He doesn’t blink an eye when swinging his big dick around for the cameras.  Apparently, the Jackass boys have a new movie coming out in December called, “Where the Fuck is Santa”, but I have yet to see any previews.

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Brad Pitt’s Cock


For those of you that haven’t seen Brad Pitt completely naked, here ya go. And those who have seen this, i’m sure you don’t mind me re-posting it. It’s been a rough week for the MaleCelebsBlog team (Me), so I don’t have much to say. Enjoy the pic 🙂

Christian Bale Naked


Christian Bale Naked


With all the recent buzz about Christian Bale, I thought I’d break out some of the nude pictures. These are fairly old and from the, “American Psycho” movie, but you get the point. Plus I’m sure his dick has gotten much bigger with the recent releases of “Batman” and “Dark Knight”. You likey? Or do you wish maybe you never would have seen Christian Bale nude?

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