Zac Efron Naked and Wet


A while back, some naked shower scene pictures of our favorite celebrity twink Zac Efron were leaked on the internet. Apparently someone jacked them from the set of High School Musical 3 and tried to make some quick cash by auctioning them off on Ebay. Zac’s people killed the auction within a few hours, but not before the world saw Efron exposed!

Zac Efron Waxed Chest?

zac-efron-waxed-chestI guess Ashton Kutcher has started a new Hollywood trend with his chest-waxing video. Zac Efron is now sporting a totally smooth chest. Not that the twink had much hair to begin with.

Oscar Picks Efron, Pattinson To Present

Oscar Picks Efron, Pattinson To Present
It is no secret that the Oscar’s have been suffering in the ratings over the past few years, so this year they’re going for the beefcake. They’ve got The Sexiest Man Alive Hugh Jackman hosting, and they’ve recently announced two of the hottest young male actors will be presenting: Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson:

Zac Efron
Zac Efron
Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson

Sexy Zac Efron


I just recently came across this new Zac Efron shirtless picture and knew that you guys would like it. Zac is gaining celebrity star power each and every day and pics like this only help the cause. He is a big fan of the beach, so you can constantly see him running around in the sand half naked. I’m hoping that he will ditch the “High School Musical” crap and start playing some real roles. If we are lucky, we may even see a nude scene in the future.

See Zac Efron Nude Here

Sweaty Zac Efron


Zac Efron is looking sexier than ever in this new “High School Muscial” movie. It appears as though he’s been putting some time in at the gym and it’s paying off. You can see as his sweaty muscles glisten in the gym lights. Hopefully, there is going to be more gym time in Zac Efron’s future, we are liking the look.

See Zac’s Exposed Pics Here