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Will Smith Shirtless And Ass Pic

will-smith-shirtlessWill Smith Looks Fantastic Shirtless


If you look closely, you will see Will Smith’s ass cheeks and maybe even a hint of his balls.  He really needs to jump on the nude bandwagon and show us his dick already.  I’m sure you will agree, but until then – Here’s other nude male celebrities

Matthew McConaughey – Shirtless and Dripping Wet

Matthew McConaughey Shirtless
Matthew McConaughey Shirtless

I never get tired of looking at Matthew McConaughey’s ripped bod, smooth chest and overall hotness. He’s got some new flicks coming out: Sufer Dude (how appropriate), The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Hammer Down. Can’t wait to see how much skin he shows off in those! To hold us over, we found some great nude pics of Matthew McConaughey.