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Gerard Butler Shirtless Wonder


Gerard Butler has that furry bear kind of sex appeal with his frequently bushy face, hairy chest and overall imposing, ripped body. He’s in the celeb gossip rags right now with rumors he’s dating Jennifer Aniston. They’re filming The Bounty right now, and he did say he’s “happy as a pig in shit.” He’s also got a flick out with Grey’s Anatomy’s Kathering Heigl called The Ugly Truth.

Jennifer, Katherine, whatever. He’s just hot. Especially in the movie 300 when his body was so incredibly ripped I spent so much time staring at him I don’t remember what the movie was even about.

Gerard Butler Before 300

Doesn’t get much sexier than this

Gerard Butler is a Scottish chap who is most known for his role as “King Leonidas” in the movie, “300″. He went through an amazing workout regimen and had to adhere to a very strict diet in order to transform into the big, buff Spartan. Can you believe Gerard graduated from law school before even thinking about acting….pretty amazing if you ask me, but he obviously made the right decision.

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