We recognize Noah Mills from a couple different fashion modeling campaigns.  We had no idea that his body looked like that shirtless.  His acting career is just getting started, so maybe we’ll get to see a little bit more of him in the future.


Male model Travis Wolfe is pretty hot even with his clothes partially on, but what he married former Survivor contestant Jenna Lewis and whipped out a camera on their honeymoon, he went down in the male sex tape hall of fame. Wolfe and Lewis go at it for 42 minutes on the tape, much of it focused around Wolfe’s huge cock. Here’s a preview:


marco-dapper-shirtless1Marco Dapper is a sexy actor who recently played a big role in the film Dirty Sexy Money. He is also known for his modeling for Levi Jeans. Marco trained in martial arts for over 10 years which is probably why he is so ripped.  There’s not a lot of male celebrities in the world that have a sexier body than this guy.