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Morrissey Almost Nude

Morrissey is back out on another tour promoting ‘The Very Best of Morrissey’ and still sounding great.  We’re not exactly sure when this band photo was taken, but it has hot written all over it. Hairy chests and pubes exposed and looking good!

Yung Berg Cock Shot

Yung Berg is a rapper out of Chicago that got his start on DMX’s record label.  After leaving Bloodline Records, Berg began collaborating with several other artists.  The list includes Ray J, Shawnna, Diddy, and more.  Apparently he jumped on the ‘Post a Cock Shot on Twitter’ train and we are happy he did.

Mark McGrath Young And Sexy

Mark McGrath Shirtless

Yesterday we were flipping through the TV channels, trying to find some entertainment in the middle of the day.  We stumbled upon a show called ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics!’ which is hosted by rockstar stud Mark McGrath.  The show is pretty funny, but we were too busy checking out Mark.  Here’s an old photo of him on stage during a ‘Sugar Ray’ concert looking shirtless and sexy.