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Shirtless Joe Flanigan in See-Through Underwear

Joe Flanigan, the sexy Lt. Colonel John Sheppard Stargate Atlantis, started out as a writer in New York, then began to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. Flanigan had guest roles in numerous television series including Profiler, First Monday, and Sisters, until he got his breakthrough with his current role on Stargate Atlantis as Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, the military leader of the Atlantis Expedition.

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Sexy John Barrowman Pics

John Barrowman

John Barrowman in Underwear

John Barrowman in Underwear

John Barrowman Shirtless

John Barrowman Shirtless

Openly gay actor John Barrowman is best known for his roles on Doctor Who and its spin off Torchwood.
He was voted the 2006 Stonewall “Entertainer of the Year”  and was third in Broadcast magazine’s “Hottest Commodity” poll in November 2006.

Chad White’s Sexy Body

Chad White is one of the hottest American models of our time! He has been strutting his stuff around on the catwalk for years. Chad was a baseball player in college and then drafted to the Major Leagues. He had an early injury which ended his baseball career. Lucky for us, now we get to see him run around in his underwear.

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