Eric McCormack From Will and Grace


You probably know Eric McCormack from the popular TV show “Will and Grace”, where he plays a gay lawyer with an awesome sense of humor. In the last 8 years the show has won 16 Emmy Awards making it a prime time hit.

 Now we get a chance to see Eric’s hairy bare chest exposed in these recent paparazzi pictures. You never know when and where you are going to find the newest nude male celeb pictures, so we are constantly scouring the Internet.

Daniel Craig Shirtless



Daniel Craig goes for a shirtless swim in the ocean, showing off his toned and athletic body. He has always maintained great physical shape, but really stepped up his workouts for the James Bond Movie. It’s no wonder why Daniel Craig was the leading role in the highest grossing James Bond Film of all time.

Antonio Sabato Jr. Shirtless Model

antonio sabato jr

We thought we’d share an old picture of Antonio Sabato Jr. back from his modeling days. As you can see, the Italian model/actor has kept in the same shape since his younger days and still possesses this amazing body. There’s too many things better than Antonio Sabato Jr. shirtless pictures, as he has one of the best male celebs bodies out there.

You can see his big naked penis

Mathew McConaughey Shirtless

Mathew McConaughey shirtless

Mathew McConaughey spends a lot of time at the beach in his swim trunks and flip flops.� For some reason he has an obsession with brushing his teeth at the beach and the photogs are always there to snap the pics.� He keeps himself in amazing shape…. i guess you have to when you’re known for being a shirtless male celeb.� Mathew has been quiet for a few months now, but we’re sure he has something up his sleeve. Hopefully he’ll shock us all and do a naked male celeb scene in his next movie….let’s keep our fingers crossed.