Craig Parker Nude

Craig Parker Nude

Craig Parker Nude

It’s Craig Parker Nude on Spartacus.  We can’t believe all the nude scenes that they show on ‘Spartacus: Vengeance’.  This Craig Parker nude scene is enough to get anyone all hot and bothered.  He’s got a very sexy body and a great looking cock.  Hopefully, he’ll be showing more nudity this season, we have our fingers crossed.

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Chris O’Dowd Does A Full Frontal Nude Scene

Chris O’Dowd NudeChris O’Dowd Does A Full Frontal Nude Scene

Chris O’Dowd Nude

Chris O’Dowd Does A Full Frontal Nude Scene in The Crimson Petal and the White.  If you’re wondering where you’ve seen Chris O’Dowd, it’s probably from the movie ‘Bridesmaids’.  He’s really sexy and we had no idea that he had done nude scenes like this.  A full frontal and showing his uncut cock.


Brian J White Full Frontal Nude

Brian J White Full Frontal NudeBrian J White Full Frontal Nude

We got a request to see the Brian J White Full Frontal Nude scene from Redemption and are happy to post.  It doesn’t really look like he’s all that hung in these pictures, but we’re going to bet that he’s a ‘Grower’. Regardless, he’s got an amazingly sexy body and pretty good acting skills.

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Michael Pitt Full Frontal

Michael Pitt Full FrontalMichael Pitt Full Frontal

Michael Pitt in The Dreamers

This Michael Pitt full frontal nude scene is from the movie, ‘The Dreamers’, which we will be adding to our Netflix queue immediately.  Michael has a new show called ‘Boardwalk Empire’ that will be starting in the fall on HBO.  It looks like it might be the next big show.

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Wes Bentley Nude

Wes Bentley NudeWes Bentley Nude

It’s Wes Bentley Nude.  Wes Bentley got famous from starring in ‘American Beauty’, but earlier that same year he got fully nude in the movie ‘The White River Kid’.  He bared his ass and pubic hair for all of us to drool over.  That was over ten years ago, he’s definitely due for another nude scene.

Jason Biggs Nude

Jason Biggs Nude

Jason Biggs didn’t want a stunt cock to do his nude scene in American Pie, instead he opted to do it himself.  He’s got a decent sized penis and doesn’t seem to be too shy about showing it off. After starring in the American Pie series, Jason Biggs went on to appear in a handful of movies and TV shows. Not sure if he showed that penis again, but we’ll double check. Update: we checked and there has been no further nude scenes from Jason Biggs.


Adam Scott Naked

Adam-Scott-nakedAdam Scott Naked

We know it’s a small picture, but nonetheless it’s a picture of Adam Scott’s sweet naked ass.  The cap comes from the movie ‘The Vicious Kind’ which is set to be released in theaters December 11th.  Scott co-stars alongside Brittany Snow in this new comedy and it looks like a winner.  We remember how hilarious he was in the movie ‘Step Brothers’ where he played the asshole brother.