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Zachary Quinto In Underwear

Since Zachary Quinto came out a couple months ago, gays everywhere are wondering what it would be like to be with him.  The thirty-four year old actor is signed on to play Spock again in ‘Star Trek 2′.  Unfortunately, there won’t be any skin shown, but this picture of Zachary Quinto in underwear should hold you over for now.

Gordon Ramsay Shirtless

Gordon Ramsay is on fire right now!  Last night we watched two of his hit shows ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘Masterchef’ and were not disappointed.  The 44-year old, foul mouth chef has a few hit shows on TV and several Michelin style restaurants.  Every once in a while you can see Gordon Ramsay shirtless on Television. His body looks good for his age, especially that hairy chest.