Jeremy Piven Nude in Very Bad Things

Jeremy Piven Nude in Very Bad Things

Jeremy Piven will be returning to HBO this summer as Ari Gold on Entourage, and though you get the occasional cleaned-up sex scene with Mrs. Gold, you aren’t likely to see him naked like in Very Bad Things. If you’re a Jeremy Piven fan, you should check it out. You can also go to this site to see the nude Jeremy Piven video clips and screen caps.

Robert Pattinson Shirtless Again

robert_pattinsonFor all you Robert Pattinson Fans

robert_pattinson2So we’ve been hearing more requests for shirtless pics of Robert Pattinson and we wanted to deliver.  Here are a couple of the newest and better quality photos of the young bloke.  He’s got a big career ahead of him and plenty of time to get nude on film.

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Marcus Patrick Full Frontal Nude

Marcus Patrick has had a bumpy career. He was on All My Children for a while, then left due to “creative differences.” He later joined Days of Our Lives, but was fired 5 months latere. The speculation is that Marcus was fired because of the full-frontal nude pictures he shot for Playgirl.

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Daniel Craig Full Frontal Nude

Just ran across this picture of a fully frontal nude Daniel Craig from Love Is A Devil. I heard he’s going to be doing a Broadway gig with another of our favorites, Hugh Jackman.

Daniel Craig has actually had a few nude scenes, doesn’t seem like he’s shy about showing a little penis.

Christian Bale Full Frontal Nude

Christian Bale is almost as famous for his often-blogged about tirade against one of the crew members of Terminator Salvation as he is the actual movie. He, as long as he gets naked and gives us a full view of his celebrity cock, we say “Good for you!”

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David Kross Deleted Nude Scene


David Kross in “The Reader”


Holy Bejeezus is this hot!!  David Kross had some nude scenes in the movie ‘The Reader’, but apparently they didn’t make the final cut…..what were they thinking?  David filmed the nude scenes for the movie immediately after turning 18 years old.  We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that David Kross will be one of the hottest hunks of 2009.

James Marsden Full Frontal Nude

Big screen actor James Marsden of X-Men fame gets totally naked in this scene. Click the picture to see more.

James has a bunch of new movies coming out including The Box, Nailed, Death at a Funeral and Conan: Red Nails. We’re hoping Marsden will get totally naked in some of these flicks too.

Craig Horner Mega Ripped and Shirtless Aussie

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of Legend of the Seeker, but after coming across these hot shirtless pictures of Australian actor Craig Horner, I’m going to have to tune in.The series is based on the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind. It follows the transformation of Richard Cypher (Craig Horner) into a magical leader who will try to stop a bloodthirsty and sinister tyrant with lots of sword fighting and wizardy.

Horner recently starred on the hit Australian series Blue Water High. He also played in two other Australian series, Cybergirl and Totally Wild, and had a recurring role on the Lifetime series Monarch Cove. His feature film credits include Swimming Upstream, Blurred, The Moment After and See No Evil.

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Robert Pattinson and Javier Beltran Nude in Little Ashes

Wow, Robert Pattinson’s latest movie, Little Ashes, is out and we were shocked to see some full frontal nudity from the Twilight star but a some gay sex secenes with openly gay Spanish actor Javier Beltarn as well! This definitely made the must-see list this weekend. I’m a Slavador Dali fan anyway, and am interested to see the love affair between Dali (Pattinson) and Federico Garcia Lorca (Beltran.)

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James Sorensen Sex Scene

james-sorensen-satisfaction2James Sorensen in “Satisfaction”


You may have heard of James Sorensen, the Australian soap hunk hottie.  He’s currently a star on the show  “Neighbours” and does guest appearances on other tv shows.  He’s appeared shirtless and naked a few times and we are going to post every last one of them.  Check out his naked ass and smooth chest in the pics above.