A while back, some naked shower scene pictures of our favorite celebrity twink Zac Efron were leaked on the internet. Apparently someone jacked them from the set of High School Musical 3 and tried to make some quick cash by auctioning them off on Ebay. Zac’s people killed the auction within a few hours, but not before the world saw Efron exposed!

Spartacus nude scene

Shirtless Spartacus Hotties

spartacus naked

We have just discovered a new show on Starz called ‘Spartacus Blood And Sand’ and the nude scenes are incredible.  We are just sorting through the caps now and will be updating with more Spartacus nude pics soon.  The show features tons of muscular men with a variety of different cock sizes, but most of them are large.

tom welling shirtless

Tom Welling is an actor, director, and former male model.  His breakout role was playing Superman on the TV series ‘Smallville’.  He’s had some other smaller roles, but you probably wouldn’t remember him.  After seeing this shirtless pic and those sexy armpits, we’re sure you will not forget.