Russell Crowe doesn’t like to show very much skin (Terrible for us), but he did do a couple of nude scenes back in the day.  He starred in the movie ‘Hammers Over The Anvil’ and showed some nice butt footage, possibly even a glimpse of the cock if you look hard enough.  See More Russell Crowe nude pics at Actors Exposed

Ron Artest might not be the smartest basketball player in the NBA, but he is definitely one of the more sexy athletes.  Thursday night, Ron and his teammates will take on the Boston Celtics in game one of the NBA Finals.  Artest totally seems the like the type to take some naked pics of himself  and ‘leak’ them to the Net.

Ben Foden is a twenty-four year old rugby player for England and the Northhampton Saints.  He has been on several elite teams over the years and continues to do better.  Aside from being a great rugby player, he is also becoming quite the sexy male celebrity.  With recent poses like this one, it won’t be long before we see him nude and exposing his cock.

This is probably the sexiest picture of Ryan Phillippe we’ve ever encountered.  The photography is great and his body looks amazing!  We think it’s about time for this boy to start getting nude.