Bollywood Men

We’ve received several requests for Bollywood men, both shirtless and nude, so we are going to start doing some posts based on this theme.  The top picture is John Abraham (One of the more well known Bollywood men) and then below is the male model – Rishi Idnani, who is almost nude….Looks like he wants to be.

In a recent episode of True Blood, Ryan Kwanted showed his naked ass.  We were pleasantly surprised with muscular legs and tight ass.  We really like the direction True Blood is taking with all the recent nude scenes.   The writers realize what we want and for that, the show should be extremely successful for a long time to come.

Matthew Morrison decided that he wanted to become an actor after attending a theater camp when he was young.  It didn’t take long for him to make his way to Broadway, making his debut in ‘Footloose’.  He went on to do ‘Hairspray’ and then got his major break on the television show ‘Glee’.  The show has earned several awards and nominations and will be around for a while.  It looks like Matthew Morrison is getting really ripped again, like he used to be in his theater days.

Ryan Carnes Shirtless

Ryan Carnes got his start as a soap hunk right after college.  He was on ‘General Hospital’ and then later ‘Desperate Housewives’.  He’s played several gay roles in his young career, but claims he’s not gay.  We thought you’d enjoy this naked picture of Ryan Carnes we found…not sure where it’s from yet.

If you got up early and watched the US World Cup Soccer game this morning, then you will recognize this man.  Landon Donovan came up with the game winning goal in the last few minutes of an elimination game.  We came up with this sexy shirtless picture of him.  We’re still on the hunt for nude pics from the locker room.

Last week the pilot episode of ‘Persons Unknown’ aired and we got to see Jason Wiles exposed.  He stripped down and gave us a lot more than we bargained for…Look at that bulge!  We suggest tuning in this Monday for the first episode, should be a great show and maybe we’ll see some more male celebrity skin.

Russell Crowe doesn’t like to show very much skin (Terrible for us), but he did do a couple of nude scenes back in the day.  He starred in the movie ‘Hammers Over The Anvil’ and showed some nice butt footage, possibly even a glimpse of the cock if you look hard enough.  See More Russell Crowe nude pics at Actors Exposed

Ron Artest might not be the smartest basketball player in the NBA, but he is definitely one of the more sexy athletes.  Thursday night, Ron and his teammates will take on the Boston Celtics in game one of the NBA Finals.  Artest totally seems the like the type to take some naked pics of himself  and ‘leak’ them to the Net.